Iceland Premium Tours would like to thank you every time you book tours for your guests with us. You receive points which you can redeem in the form of various gift certificates. The reception staff can also collect the points as a team.

  1. Every tour sold will have an equivalent of points: 1 kr. equals 1 point. You will get 5% of the value of every sold tour with Iceland Premium Tours in points. Example: By selling a tour for 137.800 kr. you receive 6.890 points.
  2. You can redeem your points with prizes or gift cards var various items or services. Not cash.
  3. By collecting points, you can both monitor how many points you have on our website and redeem them when it fits you. You will have access to your own profile on our website where you can see how many points you have collected and what you can receive when you decide to redeem them. Your account is set up by email after your first booking and you inform us about each booking by email and we update your account manually.
  4. You can claim the points by letting us know by email or by giving us a call.
  5. There is no need to spend points every month. You can collect your points until you have enough for the reward you have been collecting.
  6. The hotel manager can decide that his or her reception staff should collect points jointly and do something fun together as a group. That is fine with us.
  7. Points are transferable to other people upon request.
  8. Note, that you can collect points indifferent of how you book. Doesn´t matter to us whether you book through Bókun, Tourdesk or directly with us. The 5% points are yours no matter the booking method.
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