What to do in Reykjavik when it rains

Rain in Reykjavik-What to do!?

First of all, I am very sorry if you are so unlucky to have found rain in Reykjavik… everyone knows the weather in Iceland is always sunny and beautiful, as shown in those amazing pictures on the net…
Joke! I am still sorry you found bad weather but you should not be too surprised, since Iceland is certainly not famous for good weather, the weather in Iceland is very changeable.

“If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes” As funny as it may sound, this Icelandic saying is very often accurate, you can sometimes experience four seasons in one day while traveling in Iceland and you should always be prepared for any kind of weather.

If you find yourself in Reykjavik in one of those gray, wet days, just try to forget all those amazing sunny pictures of Iceland, put on your raincoat and have a look at this blog for some fun ideas.


There are plenty of day tours from Reykjavik. The weather might be nicer outside the city!
Private tours are cool because you can just talk to the guide and decide together if there is anything you want to skip or add to the tour, also according to the weather.
For something different, visit a Lava Tunnel, Reykjanes and end the day with a bath in the Blue Lagoon. Check out our Combo Tour.


There is no better way to spend a rainy afternoon than joining the locals in one of the local swimming pools, gossiping and soaking in hot water. If it rains, you will get wet anyway so why not just enjoy a warm bath?


Reykjavik is the home of many interesting and fun museums that are perfect to visit on a rainy day.
If you want to learn about Iceland’s history and culture, visit the National Museum of Iceland or the Culture House.
For more family fun museums, I would suggest you check out the beautiful Wonders of Iceland in Perlan, where you can learn about Icelandic nature and explore a proper ice cave! Or meet the gentle giants of the ocean in the Whales of Iceland Exhibition, or visit the Aurora Reykjavik museum, with videos and information about the Northern Lights. You could also visit The Cinema down by the old harbor, where you can watch short movies and get ready for your next tour to the Golden Circle or the South Coast. Want something different, unusual and quite unique? Try the one and only Penis Museum.


This architectural marvel with a glass facade hosts concerts and shows almost every day all year round. Check out the comedy plays on Icelandic Sagas or How to Become Icelandic in 60 minutes, laughter and fun guaranteed!


Sitting in one of Reykjavik’s many cafes with a good book and a cup of warm hot chocolate is great during those rainy days that make you lazy.
It is also a great idea to do some beer tasting in one of Reykjavik’s many microbreweries, join a beer tour or a food tour, where a guide will take you around town for a taste of delicious Icelandic cuisine, loved by Icelanders and tourists alike.


There are plenty of spas you can check out in the downtown area to have a relaxing afternoon in the city. One of the newest additions is the Hydra Float Spa. Try it for a unique experience.


Go shopping in Kringlan shopping center, go to the movies or what about bowling, ice-skating, or climbing? You could also join an elf school to get in touch with the mysterious world of Icelandic elves and hidden people…you never get bored in Reykjavik!

If you are so unlucky to find yourself in Reykjavik on one of those (very few?!) rainy days, do not despair, there is plenty for you to enjoy.
Whatever you do though, my advice is this: DO NOT bring an umbrella. Iceland is very often windy and umbrellas are quite useless, as they very easily break.
Just wear a raincoat, waterproof shoes and enjoy a free shower. Also, remember to eat ice cream like all Icelanders do in any kind of weather.
Have fun!

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