Why Private Tours in Iceland are the Best?

02 Aug 2018

Why are Private Tours your best choice in Iceland? 

If you are traveling to Iceland and you are looking for a special experience, you should book a private tour. If you are not on a budget, premium private tours are the perfect choice if you want to explore Iceland and enjoy your holiday without having to worry about planning trips or driving around. Iceland is a safe country, it is easy to get around on your own and explore the country's most popular and beautiful attractions. However, if you want to have a more special experience, see different places and learn more about the culture, private tours are a great option. There is a large variety of private jeep tours offered in Iceland. But why are private tours your best choice in Iceland? turf houses iceland premium tours

Private Tours in Iceland can be customized.

Check out our great selection of private tours here. If you are not sure which tour is best for you, your private guide/driver will help you and create a unique itinerary. Your tour will be customized based on your own interests. Customized private tours offer you a better experience than pre-set bus tours. You can choose the time and duration of the tour and the itinerary. For some ideas, have a look at our tailor-made tours, but contact us for more.

Private tours in Iceland take you to special places.

Iceland is now a very popular destination. On a bus tour, you will end up going to the same places everyone goes to and, needless to say, you will find a lot of people there. If you want to get off the beaten track, visit less crowded places, explore areas regular bus tours don’t go to and experience something more authentic and unique, make sure you book a private tour. Check out our special combo tour to discover one of Iceland's best hot springs and enjoy some delicious local Icelandic cuisine. For something different, I would recommend our private jeep tour to the west of Iceland: explore Hvalfjordur, see beautiful waterfalls and bathe in a new geothermal pool.

west fjords Iceland

You will learn more about the places you visit.

On a private jeep tour in Iceland, you will have more time to explore the different locations and you will visit more places than on a bus tour. Your private guide will be happy to share his knowledge of Iceland with you. Private tours in Iceland are a great opportunity to get to know Iceland through the eyes of your local guide who will fill you up with facts, stories and secrets about Iceland and Icelanders.

You can make the most of your trip.

Whether you are in Iceland for a short period of time and you want to try and see as much as you can, or if you are here for longer and want to do something more special, a private tour in Iceland is a great opportunity to make the most of your trip. One of the best private trips to see the best of Iceland in a day? The private combo tour by jeep that includes the Lava Tunnel, Reykjanes, the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights Hunting. waterfall Iceland

Private Tours in Iceland offer a safe worry-free experience.

If you book a private tour in Iceland, you won’t have to worry about guidebooks, maps or research. Your guide will safely drive you around to places worth visiting, always at your own pace, stopping as many times as you like for pictures or breaks, and giving you the chance to explore beautiful Iceland in a relaxing, stress-free way. When you are on holiday, you should not worry about anything but just enjoy yourself. lava fields iceland If you are visiting Iceland and you want to have a more authentic experience, you might want to think about booking private tours. Private tours in Iceland are of course more pricey than regular group tours, but they are 100% customizable, you will get the opportunity to enjoy Iceland the way you want to, at your own pace, visiting the sights you prefer, and immersing yourself in the history and culture of the places and its people. All this without having to worry about a thing, because your driver and guide will take care of it all, safely and professionally, while you enjoy your private tour in Iceland.

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