Midnight Sun in Iceland – When and where to see it

Midnight Sun in Iceland

The Midnight Sun is a fascinating phenomenon which can be experienced in Iceland during the summer.
Being located far north in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Iceland has very dark winters and bright summer nights, when the sun almost never sets, creating a very special atmosphere.
In this blog I will try to answer some of the most common questions we get about this fascinating phenomenon.

What is the Midnight Sun? When is the right season for the Midnight Sun in Iceland? How do you sleep during the Midnight Sun? What can you do in Iceland with the Midnight Sun? What are the best places to admire the Midnight Sun in and around Reykjavik?

Midnight Sun Iceland Horses


The Midnight Sun can be seen during the summer in Iceland and other countries around the Arctic and the Antarctic Circle.
The Midnight Sun occurs because the Earth’s axis tilts towards the sun in the summer.

The peak of the Midnight Sun is around the summer solstice, which normally falls on June 21st and, although the sun does set around midnight, there is always daylight in Iceland from mid-May to mid-August.
The Icelandic summer nights will amaze you with their light, as the skies blaze in shades of blue, pink and gold.

Midnight sun Iceland


It is quite common for people to have trouble sleeping during the summer in Iceland. When it’s bright outside, you sometimes just don’t feel like going to bed and even when you manage to fall asleep, the constant light might wake you up. You just have to hope your accommodation has good blinds and maybe try using a sleep mask.


Long days and bright summer nights are perfect for exploring Iceland. If during winter, roads can be closed because of ice and snow and it might not be pleasant to drive around when it’s dark most of the time, during summer, it is possible to travel everywhere in Iceland and the long days will make you want to explore more and more.

Seljlandsfoss Midnight Sun Iceland

If you are renting a car, driving around in the evening is nice as the most popular attractions are less crowded.
There are also evening tours you can take. Check out our Private Midnight Sun Experience Tour for a relaxing bath in the Secret Lagoon followed by a taste of Icelandic cuisine. I would really recommend our Evening Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon Tour to see the famous Geysir and Gullfoss and explore Iceland in a different light and with fewer people.

Geysir Midnight Sun Iceland

If evening tours are not your thing, staying up late and walking around downtown Reykjavik might be a good idea: check out Reykjavik’s nightlife, have a hot dog, grab a drink and sit outside. You might need a blanket (Icelandic summer might be bright but they are not necessarily warm!!!) but I am sure you will love it!


The Midnight Sun is visible everywhere in Iceland and if you are tired of driving around, Reykjavik has some nice scenic locations to admire the Midnight Sun.
Try Grotta, the lighthouse in Seltjarnarnes. Here you can take a walk or sit on the shore as you look out to the horizon. On nice days, as the skies turn pink, you can see the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and the majestic Snaefellsjokull glacier in the distance. The view from here is really amazing!

Another great place to enjoy the midnight skies in Reykjavik is the Sun Voyager sculpture. Closer to downtown, this is a great place from which you can see Faxafloi bay and the reflections of the sunset on the glass walls of Harpa, our concert hall.

So if you are looking for a cool place to go this summer, Iceland is the one! You still have a bit of time before summer is over! Come to see us!!! Check out some fun tours!!!

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