10 Best Instagram Photo Locations in Iceland

Iceland thanks to its unique and contrasting landscapes its known as every photographer’s dream but lately with growing popularity of social media it was named also the Instagramer’s haven. Who doesn’t dream of taking a self-portrait with the 60 m high waterfall or the Northern Lights in the background. Iceland gives you this opportunity and more.

Moreover, in Iceland you can experience the amazing Midnight Sun or late Winter sunrises even at 11 am what creates distinctive light and ambience on your photographs. Not even mentioning the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights attracting to Iceland thousands of tourists every year with their tripods and camera lenses.

Black sand beaches, spectacular sea cliffs, breath-taking waterfalls, lava fields, ice caves, glacier lagoons etc.. these are only some of the examples of locations for your perfect Instagram shots.

Here is our list of the best Instagram photo locations in Iceland:



Hallgrimskirkja is the most recognizable building in Reykjavik and probably in whole Iceland. This modern church it’s a city’s main landmark towering over net of traditional cute Icelandic houses with various colors of the elevations. There are people there making photos at nearly every time of the day. Did you know that the design of the elevation the church was inspired by the basalt lava columns on Reynisfjara black sand beach on the Icelandic South Coast?


The sculpture of Sun Voyager in another popular Instagramer’s spot in Reykjavik. It is located 5 min walk from Harpa Concert Hall and just at the Faxafloi Bay in Reykjavik which makes it perfect a photo location to catch the Midnight Sun. From here you can admire also silhouette of the Esja Mountain range batched in colorful sun rays.

#Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

People always ask me: “And which one is this waterfall with the path you can walk under the water?”. It’s famous Seljalandsfoss. It’s very easy to get there as it’s located along the Icelandic ring road approximately 1h45min drive from Reykjavik. The best time to visit the place it’s at the sunset when the sun rays shines through the water tail creating a remarkable rainbow. Just have a walk on the path under the Seljalandsfoss and make the famous shot!

#Skogafoss Waterfall

Heading more South and you will notice another popular waterfall and one of the main Icelandic Ring road’s attraction – the powerful Skogafoss. It spreads enormous amount of water and in sunny days you can notice a single or even a double rainbow in front of the vast wall of the water. The popular shot you can take in this spot is when you approach close to the waterfall and make it look powerful in comparison to the human silhouette.


Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is undeniably one of the most popular tourist attractions of Iceland. It is also photographer’s heaven as the glacier lagoon with icebergs looks breath-taking during every season or time of a day. Moreover on another side of the road you can make some long exposure shots of the icebergs landing on the black sand beach. With the Sun shining through ice they really look like diamonds.

#Dakota Plane Wreck

Have you seen the wreck of the Dakota DC 3 plane situated in the middle of nowhere on the black sand beach while your stay in Iceland? The contrast between the black sand of Solheimasandur beach and the bright metal of the plane makes it a perfect location for everybody that fancies minimalism in photography.

#Vestrahorn Mountain

The astounding Vestrahorn Mountain is located approximately 20 min drive from the town of Höfn in East Iceland.
The features that make this spot so fascinating are the black sand dunes covered in barren vegetation in Summer.
You can encounter obstacles while photographing the subject. You will have to find the perfect dune and watch put not spoil the whole scene with your footsteps on sand and avoid fixing it later in the Photoshop. If you are a water reflections nerd Verstrahorn is also a perfect location for you. The Vestrahorn Mountain is also amazing spot for the Northern Lights photography as they reflect in the surface of the frozen black sand beach. We definitely recommend using wider lenses in order to close the whole scene in a perfect composition.

#Kirkjufell Mountain

Iceland is full of mystical mountains. The Kirkjufell is located in the Snaefellsnes in Western Iceland.
The features that make this photo location special is the shape of the mountain called often the church mountain and the Kirkjufoss. You will have to climb up to make the iconic shot of the waterfall and the mountain in the background.
Kirkjufell Mountain is also a popular photo location for the Northern Lights. If it will happen you are in Iceland in Winter, that’s the spot you can’t miss – 2,5h of drive from Reykjavik.


The Arnarstapi is a picturesque cute little town on the coast of Snaefellsnes. There are many platforms from where you can take shots of waves crushing the shores and coming through the lava arches from different angles. Make sure you have a tripod to take some amazing long exposure shots.

#Black Church in Budir

The black church in Budir. The location of the church and a contract of the black wooden facade with surrounding of the barren Icelandic nature makes it another photography location for minimalism lovers.

! Please note that some photo locations in Iceland can be extremely dangerous (strong wind, slippery cliffs, sneaky weaves etc). Before taking a selfie or a photos for your Instagram feed make sure you’ve read the information signs at the location to be sure your are safe.

If you visited Iceland and think we should add some locations – share them with us in the comments below and we will be updating our list!

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